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Pastoral Leadership

Pastor Livingston

Pastor ShaKescia Livingston is a founding laborer and Pastor of Fully Delivered MInistries. In her 10 years of ministry, she has served as Youth Pastor, Director, and Coordinator, organizing conferences, festivals, revivals, benefits, and countless other activities.

Her greatest spiritual influence is her mother, Annie St.Hill, who taught her so many things. The most important being the humble life she lived while battling a debilitating disease that wrecked her body but never her spirit.

Pastor Livingston completed Restoration Fellowship Ministries Bible College in 1998. She is also a 1994 graduate of Bauder College with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. Pastor Livingston is married to Elder David Livingston and has three children: Davin, Caleb, and Akeilah. Of everything said and mentioned, the most important is that she is an ordained, anointed minister of God that preaches the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus Christ.

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" Psalm 111:10

Fully Delivered Ministries Inc.

Founder & Apostle Sandra Broughton

Bishop Barron Malcolm

Contact: 404-862-0446

Apostle Broughton

“Live, Laugh, Love!”

Rev. Sandra Broughton is the apostle and founding pastor of Fully Delivered Ministries, Inc. Apostle Broughton received her call to labor in church administration upon graduation from Mercer University, Macon GA (BA ’79) where she earned a dual BA degree in Economics and English. After serving in various capacities, choir president, church secretary, Sunday school teacher, youth leader; she was licensed to preach the gospel in 1999. Her pastoral ordination was in 2003.Apostle Broughton is a business professional in the area of management and business analysis. She considers the corporate environment a harvest field for evangelism and has furthered the kingdom principles in various corporate leadership capacities, including call center management, budget management, and workforce planning. Pastor Broughton has shared the person of Christ through individual ministry internationally in several business related trips to India. Her exposure to the Indian culture of many gods deepened her faith and forged compassion in her spirit to labor for the steadfast witness of prayer and deliverance for this nation of billions just southeast of Africa.

Currently Pastor Broughton serves as Chaplain of the Board of Directors for America RAVES, Inc. She also serves as the director for the Jr. Advisory Board. Pastor Broughton has a passion for youth and believes through active engagement and encouragement of their God given abilities and nurturing of their potential; we will see a generation raised up to do mighty exploits in their generation. She actively engages and supports a diverse network of local ministries and churches through active fellowship and service in her God ordained ministry gifts. Pastor Broughton is an accomplished writer with publishing experience.

Bishop Malcolm

Bishop Barron Malcolm is a founding member of Fully Delivered Ministries. He has pastored and bishoped many churches. He loves to deliver the word in an uncompromising way. He is devoted to the Lord and also his family. He is a father and a soon to be husband. He would like to welcome all potential visitors with open arms and a warm heart.

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