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Ministers of Music

New Praise is the music ministry of Fully Delivered Ministries. They consists of Keri Broughton, Davin Johnson, and Caleb Malcolm. Keri and Davin both play various instruments and are the lead vocalists. Caleb is the pulse of the group with his dramatic drum playing at just 13 years old! They have been doing praise and worship together for 3 and a half years. They love to praise God through their own original music and believe in singing a variety of Christian music that doesn't limit them to one genre.

Meet New Praise

Keri Broughton is 20 years old and the minister of music at Fully Delivered Ministries. She has been a member of Fully Delivered for 9 years and she feels as though she wouldn't be where she is today if it had not been for the Lord placing her at this ministry. She plays the piano and guitar and loves to praise the lord with her voice. She loves to write and create original music and aspires to be and entreprenuer and entertainer.

Currently, she is attending Brenau University where she is the class president and persueing a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. She is a straight A student and believes in putting forth her best effort in anything she does. She also dances for her University and is a part of Tau Sigma Dance.

Outside of school Keri is an ambassador for America Raves non-profit organization. She is also an intern for the country music record company in Nashville, Tennessee. Everywhere she goes she believes in spreading the Gospel to upbuild the Lord's kingdom.

Keri Broughton

"God has worked wonders

in my life. I could never thank him enought"

Davin Johnson was born on December 9, 1994. He is 18 years old. He has been a member of Fully Delivered Ministries for 9 years. He is one of our wonderful praise and worship leaders. He is one of our musicians and plays various instruments. His musicianship gave him the role of being drum major for Banneker High School in the year 2011. He is also a dancer for the ministry. He dreams to persue a career in dancing and choreographing.

Davin Johnson

"Fully Delivered gives me what I need to live a healthy strong life in God"

Caleb Malcolm

Caleb Joshua Malcolm is a 13 year old middle school student. Since 9 years old he has been a part of the New Praise worship team. He has had a passion for the drums from a baby. He had his first set by age 2. He now plays the drums for Fully Delivered. Caleb is also a great baseball player and he uses every opportunity to reach others and embrace them with his wonderful spirit. Rather it be at church, school, or on the field, Caleb is a leader of the next generation.

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